Greetings friend!

Welcome to Erin Clark's website!

The site has moved. Um, obviously.

I was hesitant to sever teach them to fish. It's the address inside every cd case--Sold and unsold. I had collected addresses and contacts all attached to it. To sever would be to start again. But this I have done many times. And always the need to let it happen has come when it was the most appropriate, if not desired.

Eric (webdude) and I brainstormed ideas that came easily, new colors, new themes. What would be lost would be let go or replaced, the new energy put to a whole new space. It was partly my choice, and partly chosen for me when we could no longer gain access to the old domain, and couldn't unravel the mess of why or how. When it was clear that there was little we could do to salvage teach them to fish I felt eager to move into erinsings.

And here i am.


And writing.

New space means so much more than just new design. It means a new journey too. Having left Kenya to be here in London with music and new goals is well accompanied by a new webpage more focused on music and living in London.

Look around, listen, add your own words, contact me, let me know about a show you're playing that i can add to my calender or a musician you're excited about that you'd like to introduce us to or if some sweet revelation has spread you wide, buy my music and share it with your friends.

As you wish.


If you'd like to contact Erin, you can do so at