Posted by Erin on 17th September 2009 in Erin's Thoughts

Monday was my first day of school.  School is in a foreign land.  Urban and overwhelming. I prepare myself with a steadily – paced transition on a Greyhound bus, the rhythm of momentum under me, carrying me forward smoothly.  No skipping ahead, no hurrying, no control.  The time allows me to slip out of one skin and stay un-contained for a time.  A time to be undeclared.  A time to be free-associated, not associated.  A time to carelessly wander around in myself.
And then, before the bus dips into the intensity of too many people, too close together, I can slip into a skin that can take it on and find it exciting.

And then again, in reverse.  Time enough for all that I have purchased with my attention and activity to slip off like a heavy bag slips off a tired shoulder.  Time for emptying out – to be undeclared.  Time to be free – associated, not associated.  Time to carelessly wander and time to not wander at all in myself.  And then, before the bus returns to my familiarity, I slip into the life I chose purposely out of all enticing options, and kiss my waiting husband and come home.

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  1. Tammie says:

    I love: a time to carelessly wander around in myself!

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