Posted by Erin on 23rd July 2010 in Erin's Thoughts

my body is saying what my words strain around.

The knots in my words choke me.  those knots are strangling my love. In the air the silks embrace me and those tangles hold me up.  I can rise up. And I can let go.

In the space inside my head my exahaustion becomes a torturous dismantling of every stable thing i have built from within myself. In the air, it is what forces me to add a sensuality, a pausing, a laboured breath. A last minute grasp of what supports me before I hit ground.

In the air I know my arms are strong, they will lift me up.  They will hold me there.

In my heart my fear seizes my pulse like it intends to take back life from me. In the air, each last moment before release exhilarates me.   And my body gets used to a ground that is uncertain, a movement that is unusual, a trust that must be earned by letting go before it feels exactly safe.

In my heart, fear make my clinging desperate.

In the air they compel me to let go.

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