the wavering of strong things

Posted by Erin on 23rd July 2010 in Erin's Thoughts

The air is sticky.  All day, just clinging to my skin.  My cats sprawl out in the coolest (which also means strangest) places they can find and I sit still and simply feel the weight.

Until Foxy rises and grins up at me, reaches her paw to my lap and smiles. I understand that it’s time to visit that weather.

Storms hang languidly in the clouds spitting fat drops of rain at the ground.  the sky turns shades of purple-gray and a  dying sun splashes it’s last light across it’s moody cheek like a slap.  Illuminating this building but not that one.  Unapologetically.

A rainbow appears, echoed by a fainter rainbow and intensifies.  Lightening streaks in a sky too bright to impress, it flashes like a tantrum rendered impotent by apathy. Still sharp and electric, but pointless.  A wind picks up, like it suddenly has somewhere to go.  Rain drips onto the envelope i have found in my bag to capture the words that come to me.  some of the letters melt.

I watch the rainbow dissolve and mourn.  It was so bright and vivid that I believed it was solid. but it’s vapor and light – tricks.  Thunder grumbles it’s discontent and we’re all in a mood that can’t get over itself…or make it happen.

the sky turns orangey/yellowy/rosey – a menacing not-quite color on one side and deeper and deeper indigo on the other side. Meeting in the middle in a dirty greyish/purple.  The tension makes my heart pound uncomfortably in my throat.  A haunting sense of heat makes my spine moist – and i shiver.

as I loose the light my eyes blink, the hue making familiar things look surreal.  Cicadas send up warning calls.  If i knew what they warned of i’d take cover – instead I sit in my door to watch.

I’ll be a rainbow and lightening in the same sky

out of focus and sharp  at the same time

beauty and power on display while

it rains

my mistakes can make dirt into fertile soil

Now that my ways make you recoil

I’ll make a miracle – just  watch me uncoil

despite the pain

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