Other people playing on the following tracks include: Jim Johnston from Simple Joy on guitar, Steve Clark on Bass, Chuck Bucket on Drums, Jessy Cooke on backing vocals and Carol Birchmore with a harmony on Summertime. Some are live, some are recorded here and there.

I would like to share that my recording experiences have left me feeling like what it feels like for me to share music live just can’t be translated through the recording process – but I my experience has been limited and is colored by my own discomfort with the results. I share them so they can be enjoyed, but my own enjoyment has so far been found in the ephemeral vitality of live performance.

[audio: Clark - Alchemist.mp3]

Don’t Ask Me Not To Cry (live)
[audio:'t Ask Me Not To Cry (live).mp3]

Drunk On The Words
[audio: Clark - Drunk On The Words.mp3]

Meditation Song
[audio: Clark - Meditation Song.mp3]

Room To Breathe
[audio: Clark - Room To Breathe.mp3]

Surely Unstable
[audio: Clark - Surely Unstable.mp3]

When You Touch Me (live)
[audio: Clark - Touch Me (live).mp3]

Womb Moon was recorded in Nairobi. I met Abbi (who is the other voice you hear) through a beautiful french woman who felt our love of music made us soulfriends. And she was right. We had one day together, really. And within that day I shared this song, which Abbi wrote the swahili part to and recorded this track. It was magic.

Womb Moon
[audio: Clark - Womb Moon.mp3]